Information and Pricing for Murals

 The murals are painted with a combination of latex and acrylic paint, then sealed with a clear, scrubbable coating to ensure longevity.

 There is no charge for the initial meeting to see the space to be painted and to understand what kind of painting is desired.   There is a $100 fee, applicable towards the final cost of the mural, to commence work photographing, designing and sketching possibilities.  When a particular sketch is chosen, a more complete drawing will be done.  Throughout all of this, suggestions and requests from you, the client, are strongly encouraged so that I'm sure I'm giving you the painting you desire.  

When the drawing stage is complete, a small version of the mural, a mock-up, is painted to scale.  This is what I work from when painting the mural, so it is important that you are completely happy with it.  This is basically the last point at which you can request changes free of charge.  Upon acceptance of the mock-up, signing of the contract and payment of a 50% deposit, work on the mural can begin.  From here on, only minor changes can be made without incurring additional fees.  The mock-up remains my property unless specific arrangements are made.

The murals are divided into 3 categories of difficulty:

        Category 1 - simple cartoon shapes, minimal shading and detail.  Mural cost is $10 per square foot.  

        Category 2 - more involved drawing, shading and detail.  See blue mural for PWCSA for an example.  Mural cost is $20 per square foot.  

        Category 3 - exceptional level of detail, shading and drawing.   See the water mural for PWCSA  for an example. Mural cost is $30 per square foot.  

At this time, mural work cannot be accepted outside of a 1
1/2 hour driving range of Woodbridge, VA

Portrait Procedure and Fees
Here are the basic stages of painting a mural once the mock-up is approved:
1.  All nail pops, cracks and other imperfections are repaired and sanded smooth
2.  Wall is cleaned and primed
3.  Painting is blocked in with 2 coats of the base colors put on to ensure a good paint film, then those are  worked into to develop  the image.
4.  Work continues generally with the objects farthest away painted in first and foreground objects painted over them.
5.  continued layering as in step 4
6.  Completed painting is covered with 2 coats of clear protective finish.
Price List