Pricing for Portraits

 Portraits are painted in oil on high quality linen hand      stretched over heavy duty stretcher strips to prevent   warping and finished with 2 coats of protective varnish.

 Starting price for portraits is $2,000.  This cost may be higher if there are special requests such as an unusually large size.

 For each additional figure in the painting, add 50%.  Prices are based on painted images being life-size or smaller.

 Sales tax, as well as any travel, lodging or shipping costs, is extra.

Working Procedure:

 The first artistic meeting  is roughly  1 1/2 hours long and is spent getting to know the subject and how they would like to be depicted.  Preliminary photos are taken of possible poses, and composition ideas are discussed.  After that meeting, one or more sketches will be done based on the photos for approval.  At that time, further photos may be necessary.  Once the pose is decided, work begins on the painting back in the studio and the client is contacted when the painting is completed. Occasionally, a further set of photos may be necessary.  These extra photos are all included in the original fee.  The client decides when the painting is done, meaning that if you, as the client, feel something needs to be adjusted before it's exactly as you'd like it, then that's what will be done.  My goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Payment schedule:
 The initial meeting is free.  A signed contract and a $100 fee is required for photographing and sketching the subject to begin.  After the sketches are approved and before work can proceed on the painting, a 50% deposit on the remainder is required.
Final payment is due at completion of the portrait.  If for any reason the portrait cannot be completed to the satisfaction of the client, the painting remains the property of the artist and the original deposit, not to include the $100 fee for the photos and sketches, will be returned.  Any travel fees or other such costs will not be reimbursed.

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